Shed Stubborn Weight, Boost Your Energy and say goodbye to mood swings WITH an Evidence-Based Approach in 90 to 120 days.
The Happy Hormone Method is currenly closed for enrolment, however, we open doors periodically throughout the year. Be sure to add your name to the waitlist below to be the first to hear when we're accepting new members. 

"The Happy Hormone Method isn't just a program—it's a movement."

You want to feel better, but you experience:
  • Stubborn weight gain despite diet and exercise
  • Overwhelm from chronic stress
  • ​Feelings of guilt and self-blame
  • ​Low libido
  • ​Fatigue + sleep issues
  • ​Declining self-confidence
  • ​Lack of clarity from your family doctor
  • ​Anxiety and mood swings
Our approach integrates hormonal balance, lifestyle adjustments, and personalized support to transform your health and well-being
 Shed unwanted pounds naturally
Tired of diets that don't work and weight that won't budge? Our method tackles the root cause—hormonal imbalance—allowing you to finally shed unwanted pounds naturally.
 Wake up refreshed every morning
Imagine waking up every morning feeling refreshed and energized, not reaching for coffee as a lifeline but embracing the morning with a vibrant, natural vitality. 
 Sleep through the night without interruption from hot flashes
Transform your nights from restless to restorative. Our proven strategies combat night sweats and insomnia, ensuring you enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep. Wake up feeling rejuvenated, every single day.
 Regulate your Nervous System
Manage daily stresses with ease using our expert-crafted emotional regulation techniques. Reduce anxiety, stabilize your moods, and find a new inner calm. 
 Stay strong and active without any limitations
Allowing you to enjoy a pain-free life filled with fun activities with your partner and kids, both now and throughout your golden years.
 Resolve gut issues
Experience improved digestion and overall gut health, leading to enhanced nutrient absorption, reduced bloating, and fewer digestive discomforts.
Join the Waitlist among 500+ women for the next Happy Hormone Method launch coming soon! 
We both had stage 3 adrenal fatigue with significant hormonal imbalances.
We know firsthand how isolating, overwhelming, and frustrating it can be.

Dealing with fatigue and hormonal imbalance, especially when many of the symptoms are "invisible" to our friends and families.

We both embarked on our own separate health journey's to overcome HPA Axis Dysfunction (Adrenal Fatigue) and the hormone imbalance that went along with it.

Eventually, reclaiming our health but learning a lot in the process.

The mistakes we made cost us money, energy and time.

The varied expertise between the physical and emotional is what makes our collaboration so unique and so powerful and as a collective we are backed by numerous other doctors, practitioners and healers to provide leading support to those looking for an integrative approach to wellness.
Trauma-informed Somatic Life Coach
Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Hear from women just like you who’ve reclaimed their lives and are enjoying every moment.
Is Hormone Replacement Therapy the only solution to my symptoms? 
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is just one solution and when deciding to start hormone replacement therapy, there’s a lot to consider as there are pros and cons. We believe in very thorough hormone testing beyond basic blood tests before making these important decisions. And HRT is not always necessary and it's also not right for everyone. In addition to traditional HRT (synthetic) there is bioidentical-HRT as well which you will learn more about in the program. With all that said, many can get relief from their symptoms with just diet, exercise, supplementation and other lifestyle tweaks. 
What happens when I get on the waitlist? 
Once on the waitlist you will get access to the bonus perks mentioned above and be able to be one of the first to apply for the program next time spots open and also receive special bonus offers. 
My situation is unique and layered with other health issues, will this still help me? 
Absolutely. Our approach is designed to accommodate the unique needs and complexities of each individual. We understand that many women face multiple health challenges that can impact hormonal balance. Our integrative approach takes into account the interconnectedness of various health factors and aims to address them comprehensively. We do recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting our program, especially if you plan to take the supplements recommended in the program and/or have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medication. Our team, including our functional medicine doctor (if you choose to upgrade) is willing to work collaboratively with your healthcare provider to ensure our recommended protocols align with your individual health needs and goals. 
I’ve tried so much before! What makes your approach different? 
This program is different because this program is the WHOLE package tackling hormones at the root with experts by your side to get all your questions answered each week, about what to eat, how much, what exercises are best for strength and metabolism, how to get sleeping better, all the while being a part of a loving, supportive community of women who are also ready to feel their very best. 
What does “integrative approach” mean? 
Unlike traditional methods that may solely rely on medication or hormonal therapies to mask symptoms, an integrative approach takes a comprehensive view of hormonal health and addresses the root. It considers lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, nervous system alongside medical interventions to promote balance and well-being. We encourage women to make informed decisions about their health based on their unique needs, hormone clarity and their personal preferences.
Join the Waitlist among 500+ women for the next Happy Hormone Method launch coming soon! 
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